Xp Devices

All of these devices are included in the bundle. They receive regular updates and are designed to seamlessly integrate with the respective standalone version. Click on the image to learn more about each one.


xp.visual is a device working as a remote for XP standalone and allows to configure the view.

To ensure a good working of the system, Xp standalone is synchronized with this device, so that it is launched when the device is loaded in a new Ableton project, and quit when a project is closed.




The xp.engine device serves as a powerful multichannel bus, providing you with seamless access to the unique capabilities of Ircam spat~ within the Ableton environment.

With its intuitive interface, the xp.engine device enables you to effortlessly configure your project in a flexible manner, adapting to your specific needs and creative vision.




Effortlessly create a new sound source in the 3D environment by simply dragging and dropping the xp4l.source device directly into Ableton.

Within this device, you gain access to a wide range of parameters that allow you to precisely configure the spatial perception of the source.

When placed at the end of an insert chain, the xp.source device functions similarly to any other effect in Ableton, granting you the freedom to use your favorite effects or instruments within a 3D spatial sound environment.


Within Ircam Spat~, the "Room" feature serves as an artificial reverberator, offering real-time control and synthesis of room effects through advanced digital signal processing algorithms. In essence, it delivers spatial reverbs that generate a unique and enveloping ambiance.

In XP, you have the capability to create up to 4 virtual rooms, each representing a reverberating acoustic space where the spatial diffusion of sources will adopt specific properties.




The xp.group device may not generate sound itself, but don't let its unassuming nature deceive you. This discreet yet remarkably powerful tool is one of our favorites in the bundle.

Exceptionally flexible, xp.group empowers you to swiftly and creatively transform the sound field by manipulating the geometric aspects of the sources grouped together, resulting in a multitude of playful possibilities.




The abbreviation "sm" stands for "split & merge," representing a utility tool designed to provide a convenient solution for splitting an interleaved multichannel audio file into individual mono files or merging mono files into a single interleaved multichannel audio file.

Please note that the xp.sm device does not function dynamically with XP standalone. It does not process any sound or MIDI.




The acronym "lsd" stands for LoudSpeakers Designer, a utility tool designed to enable you to swiftly create a speaker layout and conveniently save it as a user preset directly within the xp.engine.

With the LoudSpeakers Designer, you can effortlessly design and configure your speaker setup, ensuring optimal sound placement and arrangement. The ability to save your layout as a user preset simplifies the process of recalling and utilizing your preferred speaker configuration within the xp.engine.



xp.source.pan provides a seamlessly intuitive 2D user interface, facilitating control over the spatial position of audio sources. It will stand as an invaluable tool for swiftly recording automation, offering users an instinctively navigable touch experience.