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The device xp4l.group doesn't make any sound. It is a very discreet device, but nonetheless very powerful and therefore not far from being our favorite of the xp4l.device bundle.

Very flexible, it allows you to quickly transform in multitude playful ways the sound field by warping the geometric components of the sources gathered in groups.

Just drop the device onto a new track, and a group is created. You can create a maximum of 4 groups under the main scene hierarchy.

As dynamic and responsive as other devices, it's very easy to assign a source to a group, and make it doing unexpected things with its bunch of group mates.

Main features

- Create up to 4 group under the main hierarchy

- Dynamic instancing in Ableton (Drag & drop/ auto-naming)

- Dynamic update with xp4l.source

- Easy source assignation

- 3 modes of transformation : translate, rotate, scale

- Generative transformation with procedural functions

- Fully exposed to Ableton workflow

- Save & load configuration as user preset

xp4l.source is free and requires the xp4l.app to work. You can get it in the xp4l.devices bundle.


Available soon