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The xp.group device may not generate sound itself, but don't let its unassuming nature deceive you. This discreet yet remarkably powerful tool is one of our favorites in the bundle.

Exceptionally flexible, xp.group empowers you to swiftly and creatively transform the sound field by manipulating the geometric aspects of the sources grouped together, resulting in a multitude of playful possibilities.

Simply drag and drop the device onto a new track, and voila! A group is created, allowing you to form up to 5 distinct groups. Like its counterparts, xp.group is dynamic and responsive, making it effortless to assign sources to specific groups and witness unexpected sonic interactions among its group mates. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the fascinating possibilities this device unlocks.

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Main features

- Create up to 4 group under the main hierarchy

- Dynamic instancing in Ableton (Drag & drop/ auto-naming)

- Dynamic update with xp4l.source

- Easy source assignation

- 3 modes of transformation : translate, rotate, scale

- Generative transformation with procedural functions

- Fully exposed to Ableton workflow

- Save & load configuration as user preset