XP is available for Mac (intel & M1/M2/M3) and Windows (10 & 11).

It is a dual-license product, allowing activation on up to two computers simultaneously. Upon purchasing XP, you can conveniently download the software for Mac as a dmg file or for Windows as a Zip file from your user account.

The download package includes the following components:

XP application: an essential component required for the proper functioning of any XP device.
XP devices: These devices, namely xp.visual, xp.engine, xp.source, xp.room, xp.group, xp.sm, xp.lsd, xp.source.pan are included with XP and offer powerful Max for Live functionalities.

Following your purchase, you will receive two license keys that are essential for activating the XP application after installation.As a user, you have the flexibility to deactivate the standalone version easily, allowing you to activate it on another computer as needed.

Please ensure that you review the system requirements specific to your operating system before installing XP.