Xp Standalone

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Xp is a seamlessly integrated stand-alone application designed to enhance your experience within Ableton's environment. By seamlessly integrating with each device, Xp works dynamically to provide you with an effortless user experience. Its management in the workflow is completely transparent, automatically opening and closing as needed.

Once a xp.visual is loaded in a Live project, the application launches and presents itself as a minimalist 3D view monitor, allowing easy navigation and exploration. With Xp, you gain the ability to visualize the sound field and accurately perceive the position of sound sources in space, all in real-time.

Furthermore, Xp offers powerful audio capabilities within Ableton Live, thanks to its integration with Max for Live. This integration allows even regular Ableton users, regardless of their knowledge of Max/MSP or the Ircam Spat~ library, to harness the potential of spatial audio. By making the Ircam Spat~ library accessible and user-friendly, Xp empowers users to create dynamic spatial audio experiences effortlessly.


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