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The device xp4l.room is the simplest of the family, yet an essential element to create your 3d sound space.

In Ircam Spat~, the "Room"  is an artificial reverberator allowing room effect synthesis and control in real time, based on digital signal processing algorithms. In short, It could be understood as spatial reverbs that will create this unique enveloping perception.

With xp, thanks to Ircam-spat library, you can create a maximum of 4 virtual rooms, reverberating acoustic spaces whose spatial diffusion of sources will adopt the properties.

Each of these rooms can be adjusted according to the parameters to which this device gives you access.

As for the other devices, drag and drop the device on a new track, and you will be given access to the room parameters. Now just twist it as you wish,

Main features

- Up to 4 rooms

- Dynamic instancing in Ableton (Drag & drop/ auto-naming)

- Dynamic update with xp4l.source

- All parameters of Ircam Spat~ room module

- Fully exposed to Ableton workflow

- Save & load configuration as user preset

xp4l.room is free and requires the xp4l.app to work. You can get it in the xp4l.devices bundle.


Available soon