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Within Ircam Spat~, the "Room" feature serves as an artificial reverberator, offering real-time control and synthesis of room effects through advanced digital signal processing algorithms. In essence, it delivers spatial reverbs that generate a unique and enveloping ambiance.

In XP, you have the capability to create up to 4 virtual rooms, each representing a reverberating acoustic space where the spatial diffusion of sources will adopt specific properties.

Similar to the other devices, simply drag and drop xp.room onto a new track, granting you immediate access to a comprehensive range of room parameters. From there, feel free to manipulate and twist these parameters according to your preferences, allowing you to finely craft the desired sonic environment.

Main features

- Up to 4 rooms

- Dynamic instancing in Ableton (Drag & drop/ auto-naming)

- Dynamic update with xp4l.source

- All parameters of Ircam Spat~ room module

- Fully exposed to Ableton workflow

- Save & load configuration as user preset