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The xp.engine device serves as a powerful multichannel bus, providing you with seamless access to the unique capabilities of Ircam spat~ within the Ableton environment.

With its intuitive interface, the xp.engine device enables you to effortlessly configure your project in a flexible manner, adapting to your specific needs and creative vision.

What makes xp.engine truly remarkable is its ability to accommodate changes in configuration, even after a project has been completed in a different form. This means you can easily modify and adjust the project, allowing it to be played or executed anywhere, regardless of the setup or environment. The xp.engine device ensures maximum portability and adaptability, empowering you to unleash your creations in any context.


- Input/output monitoring, play as a sound field stream or in Binaural (kemar)

- Unlimited configuration up to 62 channels (Ableton limitation)

- Dynamic autofilling output routing channel

- Factory layout presets

- Load and save custom layout as user preset

- Most popular spatialization type supported (angular, vbap2d/3d, hoa2d/3d etc...)

- 4 virtual rooms

- Dynamic output routing

- Audio tester

- Record in multichannel format, hoa components and playback recorded files.

Dynamic routing

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The audio can automatically be routed to the output channels or can be manually adjusted.

Audio routing can be checked with an handy line checker (pink noise~).

Real time multichannel recording

With this device, you have the ability to record a real-time multichannel wave file format, capturing the current DSP configuration and everything you are playing in Ableton Live.

Setting up the recording is as simple as choosing a name and hitting the record button. The device takes care of the rest! The multichannel files recorded during the session can be immediately played back, allowing you to review and experience your captured audio without delay.


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