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xp.engine device is a multichannel bus that gives you access to Ircam spat~ unique capabilities inside Ableton

Very intuitively, it offers a flexible configuration of your project.

The configuration can be changed later even if a project has been completed in another form, allowing a project to be played or run anywhere.


- Input/output monitoring, play as a sound field stream or in Binaural (kemar)

- Unlimited configuration up to 62 channels (Ableton limitation)

- Dynamic autofilling output routing channel

- Factory layout presets

- Load and save custom layout as user preset

- Most popular spatialization type supported (angular, vbap2d/3d, hoa2d/3d etc...)

- 4 virtual rooms

- Dynamic output routing

- Audio tester

- Record in multichannel format, hoa components and playback recorded files.

Dynamic routing

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The audio can automatically be routed to the output channels or can be manually adjusted.

Audio routing can be checked with an handy line checker (pink noise~).

Real time multichannel recording

From this device, you can record in real time a multichannel wave file format taking the current DSP configuration,  what you are just currently playing in Ableton Live.

Just set the name, and record ! The multichannel files recorded in the session can be immediately played back.


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xp.engine is an open source device and requires the XP standalone to work. It is included in XP bundle.