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xp.visual is a device working as a remote for XP standalone and allows to configure the view.

To ensure a good working of the system, Xp standalone is synchronized with this device, so that it is launched when the device is loaded in a new Ableton project, and quit when a project is closed.



Set the view mode from the camera interface

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Customize the view and load 3d model

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Enable 6 DOF head tracking in Listener mode

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Main features

- Full synchronization with XP standalone

- Shift between Scene Mode and Listener Mode, with dynamic UI

- Choose among 4 different camera modes

- Customize 3d elements of the scene

- Choose or load 3d models (.obj)

- Audio-reactive cue

- Head tracking (pitch, yaw, roll) with 6DOF (xyz)

- Osc assignation for Head tracking

- Pre-defined monitor size and fps (30, 60) settings

- Save & load configuration as user preset