Hardware Requirements

As any other spatial sound solutions, xp4l is rather cpu expensive, although you will maybe be surprised that running basic operations will offer quite good results.

More you will have physical output (hp), more you will have sources, automations, the more you will need a computer with high spec. The requirements indicated bellow corresponds to the minimum configuration on which it has been tested.

Although, it is very likely the system would work at lower spec, be aware it's under your responsibility if you are not complying with these recommandations.

Mac Os

CPU: Mac os 10.14.3 - i7 2,9 Ghz -16 Go Ram

GPU: Radeon Pro 560.


xp4l for windows will be released sometimes soon! Come back or register to the newsletter

Software requirement.

We would like to remind you that you must be in possession of a license for each of the software below.

  • xp4l works only for Ableton Live 10 and 11, with max for live extension

You can download/try/buy Ableton live here

  • xp4l requires Ircam Spat Library (free) You can download it on Ircam Forum