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Compatibility & requirements

The xp4l.demo.macOS is an evaluation package for macOS that includes :

An installation package with xp4l.app.demo, a demo version of xp4l.app

An Ableton Live pack with 2 devices:
-xp4l.engine.demo, a demo version of xp4l.engine
-xp4l.source.demo, a demo version of xp4l.source

After both installation, launch the Live pack project for a quick start or create a new live project and load the devices from the pack folder.

Demo limitations :

– you can’t save a custom speaker layer as user preset
– you can’t record or playback multichannel recording (record panel disable)

– number of sources that can be created is limited to 2
– you can’t save any user preset related to the source configuration

– after 15mn, the application will close, along with Live Ableton.

The demo version does not include xp4l.visual, xp4l.group and xp4l.room. They are not supported by xp4l.app.demo.